Established in 2010, Pharmazz Inc. is a clinical stage pharmaceutical company focused on discovering, acquiring, developing and commercializing therapeutics that target critical care medicine. Pharmazz conducts studies that lead to the discovery and development of products for the diagnosis and treatment of clinical conditions that require critical care and hospital settings. Pharmazz constantly assesses global healthcare developments and strategically positions its products to maximize benefit and use for patients.

Pharmazz, Inc. has novel drug products in clinical stage that are first-in-class with unique mechanism of action that is different from those of existing therapies. Pharmazz possesses a world class team, patented technology, with drug products that have progressed towards several human Phase II/III trials in India.

Pharmazz is working on several technologies for the treatment of Hypovolemic shock, Cardiac arrest, Post-operative pain, Ischemic stroke, Alzheimer disease, Diabetic ketoacidosis and is also developing product for tumor diagnosis. Patents for these technologies have been granted in the USA, Europe, China, Canada, Australia, India and other countries. In addition, there are pending patents and additional patent applications are constantly being filed.

Pharmazz has established its subsidiary in India (Pharmazz India Private Limited) and in UK (Pharmazz UK Limited). Pharmazz's in-house Research and Development facility has been recognized and approved by Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR), Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India. Pharmazz has also received funding from National Institute of Health, USA.